Astrology Hall of Fame named in honor of Sydney Omarr


The Astrology Hall of Fame has been rechristened the Sydney Omarr Astrology Hall of Fame, in honor of the famed late astrologer and author on the 85th anniversary of his birth. Omarr popularized modern astrology with his newspaper column, his annual set of paperback books and a daily radio segment. Dennis Daily, the audio engineer for, is Omarr’s former radio editor. Recalls Daily, “Sydney had a gruff, gravelly east coast accent and he’d start his feature with ‘This is Sydney Omarr…,’ his audio would often run longer than the minute and a half of air time he was given. It was up to me to edit it, so I’d often leave out Pisces. Considering I’m a Pisces and we’re used to making sacrifices, I thought it made sense.”  

Sydney Omarr is a legend and the authority on astrology, even after death. We are most grateful for his contributions and for his timeless work. Sydney Omarr is not only inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame but it is now also named for him. Regis Philbin was a friend and a fan of Sydney’s. Check out the “Regis & Sydney” feature on  

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