Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Star Trek – To boldly go for 45 years

On this day in 1966 Star Trek premiered on television. It’s funny because I was channel surfing last night and I stumbled upon an episode of the original series on local station KDOC; I had no idea last night that today was the anniversary of the premiere and I hadn’t seen an episode of the original Trek in years. I read on my way into work that today Star Trek turned 45. The episode I watched part of last night was the one where the Enterprise encounters an alien vessel and is boarded by an Andorian. Funny thing is when the Andorian falls down his long tentacle-like ear falls off! Lol. You know, for its time, Star Trek was way ahead of its time. We’ve now got smart phones that look better than the communicator. We’ve got iPads just as Jean-Luc Picard of ST: TNG used.

The only things we don’t have are the transporter beam, medical tricorder, energy phasers and warp drive. Oh, yeah, we still haven’t got Klingons. Thank goodness.

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