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Rough Trade

“Nature’s a language, can’t you read?”

By Richard Gonzalez of sunsignstv.com

The veil of secrecy and shroud of mystery have been blown off all that was previously hidden. Lately, it’s the scandals that are rocking the Obama administration. Once seen as beyond reproach, his administration is now on damage control and it is trying to stave off the constant scrutiny of the 24-hour news cycle. The rinse, spin and dry are next. What is happening is nothing new; the media- and Republican-generated questions about what the White House “did and did not know” about IRS tactics smacks of similar attacks on the Nixon White House by the media and the OTHER side of the aisle. This kind of political mudslinging — while the other issues of government are put on the back-burner — is as old as the Federal system itself. Wag the dog keeps wagging its tail.

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