Enya – Sail Away by trapux

The Top 12 Reasons This is Good For You: (Because we’re not just trying to throw random stuff out there with no usefulness, so here’s a SunShign Daily morsel for you to sink your teeth into)

1. Aries – This potent cocktail of mutable energy is good for you intuitive capacity. Don’t second guess yourself, Aries, look inside of yourself for the best answers.Your dreams are also very vivid at this time, Aries and they’re now in HD. Next time you go to bed ask yourself a question and see if you wake up with the right answer. It just might work! C’mon, you gotta sleep anyway! So go on, put your subconscious mind to work while you catch some Zzzz’s.

2. Taurus – Your adoring public is anxious to help you, Taurus. Don’t be surprised if you see your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams materialize right in front of your sexy eyes! Take the bull by the horns and give your aspirations a good GO!

3. Gemini – Your career is reaching a pinnacle, Gemini and I’m not talking about the glass ceiling. You’re scaling the heights of new accomplishment. Everybody turns to you, Gemini, when they want enthusiasm, answers and solutions to get the job done and you do it while looking competent, in command and control. Yes boss, may I get you some coffee? 

4. Cancer – Far and wide, Cancerians! People, places and things at a distance are favored for you.  Nobody could ever accuse you of having tunnel vision! You’re able to see, appreciate and take full advantage of the full range of opportunities that are now presented to you. Pisces is your fellow water sign so you’re loving this wonderful energy! Use it to further your goals and fulfill even your most wildest ambitions!

5. Leo – Investment money, Leo. You’d do well if you dealt with credit matters or something related to securing the wherewithal to acquire stock. They say that sex sells, Leo, so perhaps you are using your powerful sex appeal to sell something, and no, I don’t mean you’re a hustler! LOL!!! Maybe you’re designing fashion or some other aesthetic item. Nobody is as sexy as you! Well, maybe Scorpio is but you Leos are soooo damn radiant!

6. Virgo – Don’t go it alone, Virgo, team up with like-minded people for the best results. You’re efficiency personified, Virgo and you always deliver results. Your work is first-rate and you’re in constant motion, cleaning up after people and solving problems quicker than people can ask you to. You can get more done, however, if you delegate to others or partner with others who can help you reach for the sky You may run into people in the strangest of ways and make new friends in the most random of situations. Consider it a sign of the great synchronicity of the universe!

7. Libra – Your health is great, Libra and your vivacious, attractive and charismatic energy is turning heads wherever you go! Don’t be surprised if you’re called on to work some new assignments as the New Moon lights up your 6th house of work, service and health. Take good care of you and allow all of the good energy to flow your way!

8. Scorpio – Oh my God, Scorpio, are you ready??? Your creative vision is off the charts these days and so is your loving romanticism. Pisces is your 5th house of love and creativity so perhaps you are setting hearts afire left, right, up, down and all around! Careful not to mix business with pleasure at work, though, as you might be attracted to a coworker or maybe even a boss. Sleeping with the boss is probably not such a bad thing, though, right? Instant promotion! lol. Still, be careful who you decide to wow with your awesome sensuality!

9. Sagittarius – Work on your foundations, Sagittarius — you’re building anew. Meditate at home and ask yourself how to establish firm roots for your future. Family matters should be going very well and any tiffs will resolve at this time with minimal effort. Home and family are two of the most important things in our lives, Sag, with the support of a firm foundation, you can truly do anything!

10. Capricorn – Your communicative edge sets you apart, Capricorn and in a big way.  People admire you for your candor and they respect you for telling it like it is, no matter how brutally frank the truth may be. You’re not known to mince words, Capricorn, especially not now. If you’ve been thinking about starting a communications-oriented project, now is the time! If you want to take a short trip go for it!

11. Aquarius – Money, Aquarius, money! That’s your focus these days and you could find that your confidence is boosted by your good financial luck. This is mostly money you earn so perhaps you can successfully ask for a raise or a promotion and guess what? You just may very well get it if you make your case in a convincing way!

12. Pisces – Well, fellow fish, this is it! Time for you to step from behind the scenes and enter the limelight! This New Moon is like no other: here’s why – it’s flanked by  “The Cosmic Instant Messenger” Mercury, giving you the right words, the powerful sun, giving you personal radiance and dreamy Neptune, allowing you to dive the depths of your imagination and soar high to the sky with inspiration! Your intuitive ability is enhanced and you are thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your  life. If it’s a departure from what you’ve done so far, GREAT! It’s time to test new methods, Pisces. Challenge yourself to the limit! Limits, what are those, right? You know of no such thing! That’s good, too, because you will not believe what is coming your way! This song says it all. You’re often a shapeshifter, quick to morph into whatever, wherever and however…do you need me? Here’s a word of caution, though: make sure you’re seeing things clearly, as Neptune can pepper your perception with a little, okay, a lot of over idealism…or is that wishful thinking? So much so in fact that you might have to take a closer, clearer look. However do you want me…

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