The pipes of dreams, intuition clear: Neptune turns direct (Nov. 13)


If you’ve felt your creative or artistic sensibilities clog up lately chances are it’s because Neptune has been retrograde since June. Neptune in retrograde motion may have fogged certain facts and it may have made things seemed more complicated than they actually are, especially in recent weeks while “The Cosmic Instant Messenger” Mercury was retrograde, too. The combination of Mercury retrograde in water sign Scorpio and Neptune retrograde in water sign Pisces may have drowned us all in a sea of obscurity. Obamacare’s woes are a prime example of this. Now, as both powerhouse planets move forward once again, the fog lifts and thinking once again becomes clear. It won’t be such a hassle to try to get through to people, being understood or getting from point A to point B on time and without delay. Hooray!

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