When the election cycle started Romney wasn’t taken very seriously. He initially came across as a rich, elitist flip-flopper. But he’s been very changeable. A moving target is the hardest to hit. Romney is a Pisces, a mutable sign and he’s been hard to pin down. Obama is a Leo, fixed and resolute in his consistency. I think Obama will win but there will be some controversy. The media is trying to make this seem very close and very interesting. If the economy were better than it is now, Obama would be a shoo-in. In 20/20 hindsight, if Hillary were elected instead of Obama, I think she’d fare better against Romney; there would be no comparison.

I feel sorry for Obama; he hasn’t had much cooperation from the other side. The Republicans are putting their egos before the country and they do not want to see him succeed in turning the nation’s fortunes around, even if it means that innocent, God-fearing Americans will have to suffer.

If Romney were to win by hook or crook, there will be some kind of widespread demonstrations. 

***UPDATE*** Barack Obama has been re-elected U.S. President. There will be no rioting in the streets tonight. WooHoo! He’s got to finish what he started and keep on fighting the good fight. President Obama definitely has got his work cut out for him. This begs the question: Will Obama have more balls in his second term or will he toe the line and tend to business as usual in Washington?

President Obama won by a slimmer margin this time than he did when he was first elected. The divide seems to have been more economical than ideological. Now, the president can push his agenda unencumbered and with fewer obstacles. He doesn’t have to worry about being reelected again. Let the legacy building begin. Godspeed, Mr. President.

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