The Cosmic Instant Messenger Mercury turns direct today after weeks of backpeddling

Have normally accessible people been hard to reach and when you do get a hold of them it’s like you or they are speaking gibberish? Has yours or other peoples’ attention spans been shorter than a toothpick lately? Well, no, you’re not crazy, it was the Cosmic Instant Messenger Mercury playing tricks on our perception of time, space and just about everything else. Thinking is now free to be clearer, more meaningful and we will all have an easier time understanding each other and making sense of most things. Mercury retrograde was great for planning and research and many people came back into our lives from the past. Now that Mercury is direct again (appears to be moving forward from the Earth’s vantage point) computers, smart phones and every other gizmo and gadget will behave themselves. Mercury is about to crank and speed up those wheels of communication! Just no crank calls, please. Give Mercury a couple of days to resume its direct orbit for communication to be truly free-flowing again. Often times there’s a little residual static from the retrograde period for a day or two after its direct turn. Just be cautious and welcome the resumption of crystal clear communications.

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