SOPA de Estrellitas!

Starting with your February report, which is coming very soon, and from now on “Your SunShign Forecast” becomes “Straight On Practical Astrology,” or SOPA for short! It’s Practical Astrology you can use and apply to your everyday life! We’ll still be bringing you all you need to know but in convenient, straight up form … we won’t mince words or fill our horoscopes with astro babble. Here’s a hint: “Your SunShign Forecast” is slated to return in June! Starwavez. It’s GPS for your life.

PS: If you enjoy our content and like our blog, don’t just hang around and window shop, why not buy something from us, too? A vintage 1960’s SunShign wheel makes a great conversation piece! You don’t have to have a PayPal account to shop with us, you can conveniently use your credit or debit card if you wish. Check out our Store by clicking on the icon at the very top of this page.  

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