SunShign. Wake Up! Be happy to be alive in your day & don’t fall for the illusions

Pluto-Uranus Square. Since 2008, the Revolutionary Force (Uranus) has met the Transformational Object (Pluto) and neither has wanted to budge an inch. What this has meant down here on terra firma is that the old way of doing things (the status quo) is fighting to keep things as they are, while the new way of doing things (through the progressive visionaries) is refusing to take “no” for an answer. This has brought many situations to a climax. Circumstances have dropped some people down to their bloody knees. The shadow world becomes so obvious now that it must be dealt with. The key is to humble ourselves, think positively and to move forward with awareness, compassion and love. Self-love is important. As soon as we love ourselves enough to do what’s best for ourselves, no matter how stressful or disconcerting it may seem, then we can share that loving compassion and kindness with others.


People live their lives as zombies these days. The majority of society is oblivious to the sea change that we’re now experiencing on an individual level as well as collectively.  Stop drinking the Kool-Aid served by the media, corporations and the government and start waking up to what must be done to bring good, lasting, beneficial change into our lives.

We live in a world full of maya — illusion that is so convincing that we presume that it must be “real” if it’s tangible. Nevermind that. Step into your true power and recognize your wonderful potential and live it to the fullest by listening to your intuition and trusting your instincts. We live in a world that the corporations rule and control. Forget about them. Let love, generosity and kindness be the lights that you shine onto the world for all to see.

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