New Moon Lunar Eclipse in Virgo: Illusions Go Bust


The new moon lunar eclipse in Virgo will serve as a wake up call to many. It’s a time when the changes that are needed in our lives are illuminated. How we relate to others, how we perceive ourselves, the energy we give off and the self-care we treat ourselves to are all under the spotlight. Use this time to be more authentically you. This eclipse falls in the Virgo-Pisces axis and it accentuates the eclipse that occurred on March 20, 2015. Think back to that time and any themes that may come up now. Virgo is a realist who demands perfection and expects a good, solid effort. This is not a time for slacking off or giving less than 100%. As we take a long look at ourselves in the mirror we’re reminded of just who we are. How special we are, how much we matter in the lives of others and how we need to drop the fake facade of the image we project to others. It’s time to be real, be you and be of service to your fellow man, woman, child, animal and planet. We are truly all connected.

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