New Moon in Virgo: I Feel Like a Virgo

I woke up today feeling very Virgoesque. Unemotional, very focused and determined to turn the odds around in my favor.

Enjoy the beautiful Virgoan energy and do something grand. New solutions to nagging problems will present themselves during this time. It’s up to us to seize the moment and not worry about the potential consequences.

Virgos are very beautiful creatures. They’re gentle, always willing to help those in need and extremely determined. They have a penchant for finding a better way of doing things; they fine tune and recalibrate until they find and make the perfection that they seek.. They can be critical perfectionists but the high standards that they hold others to are the same high standards that they hold themselves too as well. They’re the yang to my yin.





History has a strange way of repeating itself…


What the world needs now is love sweet love…


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