New Moon Alert: Cancer – “Feelings get a right to exist”

The new moon in Cancer is a wonderful time to reconnect with yourself and how you feel. Having a good sense of humor, a nice place to lay our heads, good food on the table and friendly banter are all things prized by the sign of the humorous crab. I read something that embodies and describes Cancerian energy beautifully:

Intimacy is a fundamental need and does not have to be suppressed. Forget strategic thinking. Too much thinking diverts you from your true feelings so that in the end you no longer even know what you feel. With the new emphasis on the sign of Cancer, feelings get a right to exist. There is no reason not to show your nice feelings. Even an unpleasant feeling is allowed to arise and will disappear all the more quickly if you do not suppress it. (Credit: Astrodienst)

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