The full moon in Virgo has encouraged us to be of service to our fellow humans and to mother Earth. In a new feature we call “MoonBeamZ,” we’ll be looking at events surrounding a new and full moon to identify any correlations with world events.

The chaos and disorder that has recently erupted is due in part to Uranus (planet ruling electricity, the Internet and the digital age) entering impetuous, action-oriented Aries. The oppressive powers of rule are finding that their influence is quickly receding now that those living under corrupt regimes have woken up and smelled the proverbial coffee. “Other nations enjoy Starbucks frappucinos, Coca-Cola and Lady Gaga, so damnit, why can’t we too?,” is the growing sentiment. Now that the United States and its allies have struck military targets of the crazy bed-sheet wearing  Libyan dictator, the stakes are higher and the whole world is watching the evolution of a revolution.

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