Magnanimous Jupiter, now powering the Twins of Gemini

Do you feel any different? Surprisingly clear headed all of a sudden and you’re not sure why? Well, it takes generous Jupiter twelve years to travel around the SunWheel, spending a year in each SunShign. For the next twelve months, Gemini will play host to the planet of prosperity, abundance and expansion. We can expect an uptick in communication as we’ve all got something to say. The Twins are mutable, meaning flexible, so new opportunities will often come in pairs, making this phase exciting, enticing and enthralling. Gemini abhors tedium so this transit will be anything but boring. The Sun is undoubtedly the star of our solar system but Jupiter is King. Gemini has been crowned the celestial favorite and the Twins’ penchant for fluidity will come in handy. Think on your feet, roll with the flow and don’t be afraid to move at a moment’s notice. Those who are adaptable and open to life will reap the most benefits.


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