Expansive Jupiter in combative Aries: Egypt Erupts!

Jupiter has taken on the exciting, dynamic and adventurous Cardinal energy of Aries and has turned it into something even more powerful than a Super HEMI RAM powered engine! We can expect a lot of resolve, determination and forward-thinking intiative to get things off the ground and moving in the right direction; forward, upward and onward are the only directions that Aries knows. In March throughout April, Jupiter will have a lot of company in Aries and the primal “Just Do It” SunShign of the zodiac will encourage us to reach for the stars! Make a plan now because the spring will be rife with opportunity and it’ll come with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and excitement to venture out into terra incognita!The current strife in Egypt is indicative of this energy that has brought and is stirring a certain undeniable sense of urgency. The uprising against the corruption and stagnation of the Egyptian government is a case of power conceding nothing without a demand. The demand of the people to take their power back is now in progress!    

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