It’s time to end the culture of greed & I-don’t-give-a-shit-edness

Look around you. How many people can benefit from your caring kindness and sense of grace? We all live with something called the spiritual cause and effect. It’s called karma. There’s a mandate given to us by the universe which states that we must protect, defend and nurture our spirit of karma in a way so that only good comes back to us. Can we say that today when we look around at this culture of greed? Voracious consumerism has created a culture of greed. Let’s give back. You might ask yourselves: “Well, what can I do? That’s someone else’s problem. Let them handle it, it doesn’t concern me, I’m doing fine doing me and handling my own business, thank you very much.” Well, this cop out is fine is you live in a bubble of isolation but we all live among each other. No one is an island. Change starts on an individual level. Change your consciousness and the rest will shift. GIVE. It doesn’t have to be big … but give. I assure you that it will come back to you a hundred fold. It doesn’t have to be material giving. It can be giving in the form of kindness, respect, courtesy and simple human compassion.


Now that’s change we can truly believe it. It’s not just some campaign slogan designed to garner votes. It’s a promise you can take to the spiritual bank of karma. FDIC approved.

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