Happy New Year!!! The SunShign Daily lights up 2012: A look at how SunShign has grown brighter since its inception


We ride into the new year on a wave of optimism that we can truly do anything and almost everything. It’s funny how you feel a sudden sense of relief and a certain newness whenever the calendar reboots to January 1.

Take a look at how we’ve grown along with you. From the original smiley-faced Sun logo that came with the SunWheel, to the Retro Sun created by Bobby Negrete and its many framed-faced versions to the new SunShign Daily clock logo drawn by Mr. Starwavez, the SunShign logo is bigger, brighter and more illustrious than ever. Mr. Starwavez’s affinity for SunShign probably stems from the fact that he was born with his natal Sun and Mars in the 11th house. 2012 is here and we’re here to make some waves. Surf’s up!

What does Mr. Starwavez have in common with the late Apple founder Steve Jobs? They’re both Pisces people born in the Year of the Sheep; albeit in different years. Baahhhhh..let’s smoke some grass, eerr, I mean chug some wheatgrass and take a dip in the cosmic ocean.

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