Happy Chinese New Year!!! Enter the Year of (Puff) The (Magic) Water Dragon

The enthusiastic, showy and can-do Water Dragon is the theme of 2012. In it, we will see many changes. We can expect a few paper tigers to fold as nations admit that they’re probably not as powerful and in control as they once seemed; our connectivity and the universality of the human condition has never been more evident than it is now. Well, maybe it has…but we’d have to look back on the caveman days when we scrounged for survival. We’re still scrounging for survival, in a way, in this super-industrialized modern world that we live in; but nowadays it’s not necessarily about the lack of overall abundance as much as it is about the unevenness and inequalities that are currently plaguing society. We can also expect flooding and perhaps even some earthquakes this year. The Year of the Water Dragon will dazzle us with show, fireworks and intense displays that we will remember for many more years to come. Enter the Year of the Dragon.

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