Hallmark Birthday Greetings: We are GooGoo for Lady Gaga

GooGoos are Gagas used to mean some form of coy flirting. Well, Google and Gaga are flirting with a legendary ubiquity that proves awareness and exposure are very powerful things. Google was able to use its online might to thwart SOPA (the stop online piracy act) while Gaga wore meat to protest cattle farmers. And who could forget the time she wore a giant condom to the Grammys to promote safe sex? She sure got some hard stares, didn’t she?! 😉

Hallmark Birthday Greetings to the most recognizable superstar on the planet and to the woman with spunk, determination and a certain savoir faire that makes everybody stand up and take notice. Yes, the one, the only, the incomparable Lady Gaga! Hooray! Who says red meat is bad for you? Not if you don’t cook (or eat) it, right, Lady? It sure makes a nice red ensemble 🙂


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