Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Howard Stern & Rush Limbaugh – two incendiary, fiery-tongued Capricorn talkers who are master communicators

Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern are perhaps the two most powerful and polarizing figures in the history of all media and politics, respectively. Limbaugh is the mouthpiece for the diehard Republicans and Stern is, of course, the trash-talking radio show host who has billed himself as the undisputed “King of All Media.” I actually enjoy listening to Howard onĀ  Sirius Satellite Radio; even after all these years you still never know what he’s going to stay! LOL! The one thing these two have in common is their emotionality: they’re able to galvanize their listeners to action using the power of the spoken word and they do it largely based on fear and outrage of something or someone. Neither is afraid of controversy. Both of these Capricorn men have balls of brass and they are not afraid to pick a fight with anyone, knowing damn well that it’s their penchant for assertive, combative speech that has made them super-rich and uber-famous. Clean up their acts? Bite your tongue! These two fearless Cappys are known for their loud barks and their bites are equally vicious. At least they stand for something.

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