Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barbara Walters and the memory of Christopher Reeve

Hallmark Birthday Greetings to one of the best actors in Hollywood, past, present and future: Michael Douglas. I first saw Michael in the movie “Falling Down,” in which he played a disgruntled working man who had enough of the system. His wife, the beautiful Welsh-born Catherine Zeta-Jones, shares not only a karmic connection with Douglas but they share the same birthday as well. 

 Babs Walters has the gift of gab and a certain Libran savoire-faire that have helped score her some of the most sought-after interviews in television history. The intimate, up-close, audience-free setting of her interview style is very different from the way Oprah interviews people. Barbara’s grace, charm, sophistication and disarming candor all serve to open up her subjects to revealing their hearts and baring their souls. Barbara broke a lot of ground as the first female news person to be taken seriously by her peers and audiences alike. She broke the mold and paved the way for the journalists you see today. Her Libran diplomacy has served to diffuse potentially incendiary issues; take for instance the Starr Jones debacle: Barbara did her best to remain above the fray, even though it was her show, The View, that was the subject of controversy. Barbara Walters is perhaps the best television interviewer the medium has ever seen.

The man who played Superman had a heart of steel. Christopher Reeve probably looked more like Superman than any actor who has ever played the iconic comic book character. His square jaw, piercing blue eyes and wavy hair were all patently Superman. Central casting couldn’t have asked for a better actor to play and take command of the role. The horse riding accident that robbed Reeve of the ability to walk showed us the very human side of the man who played Superman. Christopher Reeve became a real-life hero for his bravery, compassion and for his remarkable courage. His wife Dana joined him in death less than a year after Reeve passed away. Truly, they were always meant to be together.   


Hey, if pilots can fly drunk, Superman can too! "Whattaya looking at, huh?!"

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