Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Eddy Grant, Eva Mendes & Mr. Starwavez

Happy Birthday to a man who was rocking on through Electric Avenue long before it become hip and cool to rebel. Eddy Grant’s funky rendition of this revolutionary hit is catchy and memorable. The message of this song especially resonates in the world today. I just mentioned this song to a friend last night. Crazy thing is that I walked into a supermarket during lunch time today and I heard it playing on the PA system! Turn out this fellow Eddy Grant shares my birthday, March 5th. Let’s ROCK!

Eva Mendes is a very versatile actress who is not afraid to tackle roles that call for her to bare her soul or her beautiful boobies.

…and Happy Hallmark Birthday Greetings to yours truly, yes, I am the man who started SunShign Daily and I am the crazy character known as Mr. Starwavez. Sam I am. Do you like green eggs & ham? I sure do! 

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