Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Dr. Ruth & Angelina Jolie

Dr. Ruth & Angelina Jolie share the same birthday. These two very different Gemini women have something in common: the dichotomies apparent in their personalities.

Dr. Ruth appears an authority on sex and her accent is endearingly funny. The things that come out of her mouth are downright shocking! lol. Dr. Ruth was saying provocative things long before Howard Stern took up being shocking as his pastime.

Angelina Jolie is enigmatic. Her stony glare and stunningly serene looks belie her inner duality. On some days she appears accessible and gregarious while at other (and perhaps most) times she seems mysterious, complex and out there. Gemini people are very fluid people; boredom is the worst enemy. Give them adventure, fascination and excitement and you will entertain the magnificent twins!

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