Hallmark Birthday Greetings: Bill Maher and the memory of Telly Savalas – “Who loves ya, baby?”

Hallmark Birthday Greetings to a man who should always be angry and disenfranchised because it brings out the very best in his character. Bill Maher has never been afraid of using the power of free speech and his gift of gab to enlighten, engage, provoke and galvanize his audiences. Bill is a seemingly forthright, honest, sensible and brash man who doesn’t mince words. He’s a decent guy, though, and it sometimes seems really evident that Maher really cares for people, too. He comes across as a jaded, wise-cracking, world-weary champion for good, common sense, which seems to be in short supply in Washington, on Wall Street and points in between. Maher does his show in Hollywood but he focuses his attention mostly on what’s going on in politics and the social issues of the day. Bill Maher is as real as they come and he doesn’t come quick; he presents his case with conviction and he has all of the sensibilities of a sharp, perceptive guy with the timing of a true comedian. 

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