Full Moon Viewing Party: We Celebrate the Full Moon Energy in Gemini


This one could get volatile! Hold on to your turkey dinner plates and don’t let the in-laws get under your skin when they ask you prying questions or make snide remarks that you can do without. They mean well, after all, right? Grit your teeth, grin and bare it.

The Full Moon energy in Gemini could make some of us jittery, chatty and nervous. Thoughts will be flying everywhere and mouths just won’t be for stuffing. They’ll be for talking, too. When the going gets tough, there’s always be wine to soften the mood. Ahhh, thank goodness for vino!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the United States. If you don’t live in the U.S., be thankful that you don’t have to put up with relatives during what could be a tense time.

Even if things are a little tense, it’s all a matter of perspective. See the best in everyone and be on your best behavior.

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