Trickster Mercury, the Cosmic Instant Messenger, is retrograde (appears to be moving backward from Earth’s vantage point) at the time of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in restless, cerebral and lively Gemini. Many of us have had to think on our feet and prepare for any and all variables and sudden impulses. Changing direction and an all-around about-face in certain areas have been common. As the winds of change blow briskly (and sometimes riskily) through the willows of our minds, let us not act not be too hasty, as Mr. Electric Avenue Uranus turns direct on the same day of this eclipse. Surprises are again in full swing. Mercury resumes its direct orbit on December 13th. It’s funny how an “object” was recently spotted near Mercury — it was later said to be merely Mercury’s shadow in the image that was released. The action becomes more packed and the pace really starts to pick up after the 13th as plans become more solidified, people finally make up their minds and we all celebrate the season with joyous occasions.

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