Friday the 13th brings an Electric Suprise as Uranus goes retro

Warning: This Friday the 13th can bring extreme states of weirdness as two cosmic occurrences happen on consecutive days: “Mr. Electric Avenue” Uranus shifts into retrograde mode through December. The erratic, jumpy energy we’ve all felt in recent months has initiated many new things; now comes the time to continue projects we’ve already begun. The very next day the consummate cosmic trickster Mercury also goes retrograde but we’ll feel the effects a few days sooner. Make sure to back-up your hard drives, make sure you don’t forget anything and lose it somewhere because Mercury tends to make people more distracted and out to lunch. You wouldn’t want to be eating humble pie when you realize you could have safeguarded some of your important work or electronics items. Don’t shop for anything electronic until at least August 8th. Trust us, we know what we’re talking (and writing) about! What’s the upside to all of this? Second chances and perhaps certain people return from the past. Remember such-and-such-and-so-and-so? Good! There they are!

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