Obama throws down the gauntlet in an impassioned State of the Union address while negativity and back-biting define the Republican candidate selection process: Eye of Newt, Tongue of Mitt

US President Barack Obama channeled the assertiveness and tough-talk of FDR in his most recent State of the Union address. In it, he portrayed himself as a champion of the shrinking middle class and as a reformist in the midst of a battleground in Washington where his agenda has been constantly thwarted by stonewalling Republicans who do not want to see him succeed in turning the country’s fortunes around. Obama vowed to, “Fight obstruction with action…” The president reminded us of the reasons we elected him — his superb oratory skills and the way he projects emotion and good common sense into his speech encourages us to believe in the hope once again. Maybe we needs another four-year-term to be a truly effective leader and not just a good talker.

Are the Republican candidates cooking up a witches’ brew of doubletalk and duplicity? Newt Gingrich is no Harry Potter and neither is Mitt Romney but they both seem to be adept at stirring a pot laden with half-truths and convenient misstatements. Listening to them speak is rather mind-numbing. All I hear is negative; what solutions have they offered?

It’s easy to bash the president and pin the rotten economy squarely on his shoulders but like poor marksmen they keep missing the target: part of the reason we are in this situation and continue to be is because of Republican stonewalling. Since he was elected, Obama has hit GOP brick wall after GOP brick wall. Will the filibustering ever end? Ask Newt. He seems to know everything.  

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