Chinese Lunar Years



The Year of the Earth Dog was a time of stability and rationality. After a few tumultuous years, the capable, efficient and determined Earth Dog showed us all that with focus and concentration we can do all things. The showman Donald Trump, a Gemini born in the Year of the Dog, embodies this sign’s hard working spirit and no-nonsense approach. Mr. Trump didn’t conduct himself in a more presidential manner than he did in the braggadocious, proud, boastful Year of the Rooster. The Year of the Dog demonstrated that with patience and resolve we can make a lasting difference. Cooperation was key because dogs are pack animals. We need others to succeed in life.  


The flamboyant, boastful, proud year of the Rooster is one that has brought us the showman business impresario Donald Trump as U.S. president. Sometimes image is everything. Trump, an astrological Gemini Dog, has never been averse to hard work and determination. In fact, he is a noted workaholic. The Rooster is showy, boastful, efficient, hard working, determined and critical. Trump’s hubris is in prime spotlight in this Year of the Rooster. Let’s hope sabres stay rattling and that the opening salvo is not one that brings about lasting conflict. For fear of not appearing as a paper tiger in a year of epic bluffing, perhaps those with power will take matters to a new level by taking the first shot. Let’s hope that the Rooster’s penchant for self-preservation and resolve will be the main motivators in this tumultuous yet somehow rewarding year. The Rooster is up early, pecks hard all day repetitively with a resolve that always sees its goals ultimately accomplished.


052b9dc0ed1a56b3df6346c9d6802eaa2016 was the Year of the Monkey. It was a crafty, talkative year in which we shared and exchanged information. Cleverness and ingenuity were rewarded. The monkey is a free spirit and doesn’t take much too seriously or negatively. The Monkey is a problem solver and a diplomat. 


sheepThe Year of the Wood (not woolen) Sheep was an artistically-inclined year of creation. Those who are self-sacrificing and kind were popular. Good old fashioned kindness, fairness and good presentation won you admiration.


New_Year_wallpapers_2014_beautiful_picture_with_a_gray_horse_047765_The year of the gallant Wood Horse featured new advances in technology and communication and the year moved swiftly. This wasn’t a year for procrastination. It was all about striking while the proverbial iron was hot and racing towards opportunities as soon as they presented themselves. It was fast-packed, fun, efficient, opportunity-filled year; it was not all sunshine and roses, though, as it did feature its rude awakenings. There was no longer denying certain truths. Truth can be a bitter horse pill to swallow.

 2013The Year of the tenacious Water Snake left many of us feeling battered and bruised. There were many changes in 2013. People come and go in each year but there was some air on finality to the Year of the Snake. We licked our wounds, cut our loses, held our heads high and hobbled into 2014. We were reminded that the only victories worth celebrating are those that took extraordinary efforts to attain.


redKnow your Chinese sign. Together, with the knowledge of both your Western sun sign and Chinese lunar sign you’ll get a balanced look into what potentially makes you tick. For entertainment purposes, only.  Don’t be surprised if this form of “entertainment” enthralls you more than anything. It’s all about you.

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