SunShign & Sunshine Kids help to make the season bright

Want to wow your friends with a Wheel O’ SunShign? Well, here’s a chance to make the season bright with good cheer! For every wheel that we sell, we’ll donate $5 to help the Sunshine Kids, a non-profit group devoted to caring for young cancer patients.

Why not help a worthy cause and get a wheel today? We’ll soon be creating and offering a SunShign board game, too, and it’s going to be FUN! We hope to introduce an interactive version in 2011.

You can use the Wheel O’ SunShign to give your friends an astrology lesson, hang it up on the wall or to give it a good spin to decide what sign to date next, if you’re single, of course! Click the “Store” icon on the upper right hand corner of your screen to order yours today! Thank for for soaking up the SunShign and helping the Sunshine Kids. For more information or if you’d like to donate to them directly, check out

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