Cosmic Instant Messenger Mercury turns direct on the heels of a powerful New Moon in Virgo

Breathe people, breath a collective sigh of relief. It felt as though we were in a funk of murky thinking and technical glitches of the cosmic kind. Since pretty much the start of August, attentions have been scattered, things seemed fluid and changeable and often went haywire with glitches. Now, thinking is clearer, things get done faster, clearer and more efficient. We’re focused on the process of moving forward with our future progress. There’s no question about it, this past month seemed very Twilight Zone-ish in that people and places came back from the past and we were set in constant motion, having to think on our feet and work on impulse, dealing with many variables of the often spontaneous yet somehow eerily familiar variety. Now, we’ll settle back into a nice groove moving forward.

The service-oriented New Moon in Virgo encourages us to help others with a genuine purity of intent. Virgo is all about pure, unadulturated goodness. Only the finest wheat will do to make my sandwich bread, thank you very much. Pass the bread basket. There’s always enough to go around. Just ask the fish sitting six table settingsto the left or right of Virgo, staring into space, wondering how the Virgo gets so much done on this linear Earth plane. Virgo is refinement and the Full Moon gives us a wonderful, warm, welcoming Earth energy to feel stable in. Finally, we have some peace of mind. Hurricane Irene won’t batter New York as some expect. The city is resilient with a core of steel and an iron will. We’re prepared, Irene. Nature and the human spirit are one and the same. Pass the Dutchie ‘pon the left hand side…

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