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Jupiter in Scorpio: Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s almost as if everyone has woken up and smelled the coffee.  A 20 million candlepower  spotlight has been cast on alleged sexual immorality and impropreity perpetrated by those in the highest rungs of entertainment, politics, media and film.

Pretty much everybody in the spotlight has come under scrutiny in a cleaning of house kind of sleeping away of the old baggage and skeletons hanging out in the closet. It started when actress Rose McGowan took to Twitter to out Harvey Weinstein as a philanderer and as a serial sexual abuser. It has since lead to a series of domino-like falls from grace for those who have been singled out to have hurt people in a sexual nature in the past. Actor Kevin Spacey was hung out to dry, as were a handful of others.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and greatness, entered Scorpio, the sign that rules the genitals and has dominion over sex, very recently. In early October, to be exact. Since then, the wave of allegations of abuse has gained momentum. Make no mistake: Jupiter in Scorpio will unearth some things and demand that sex be treated with respect. It wasn’t that long ago when sex was seen as a romantic blending of souls in a dalliance of flesh. Now it’s been cheapened and trivialized. Sex is a sacred thing and Jupiter in Scorpio will remind us all of it.

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse – New Moon in Leo

Everyone was looking up in the states today. The great American solar eclipse comes at a tumultuous time in the United States. Its president, Donald Trump, is one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in modern history. We’re seeing racial division and record numbers of homeless people in the big cities of America. More and more people are seeing the “American Dream” slip from the grasp as the gap between the have and the have-nots becomes as big and as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Just what will happen? That all remains to be seen but one thing is for certain. The eclipse humbled is in a way. It was nice to see everyone marvel at the wonder of the eclipse.

May God bless America. We sure need it.

A New Moon always coincides with a Total Solar Eclipse and this one happens to be in the gregarious, magnanimous sign of Leo. Big words for the big cat! Leo is demonstrative, showy, generous and charismatic. We’ll feel this energy as a desire to go out and do something great. Just tread carefully because Mercury is retrograde until September 5th. You’ll see people come back from the past and issues from the past resurface to be resolved.

The jingoism of Donald Trump

Trump’s claim to “Make America Great Again” is actually a stolen early campaign line of Bill Clinton’s. The former president seemed to utter those words in 1992 in a manner that was encouraging instead of the angry battle cry of Trump.

Trump is right in that America, although first as the world’s protector, has taken a back seat globally to other nations that have been more opportunistic. Rather than wagging its big stick and saying, “shame on you for riding on our big, bright red, white and blue coattails,” America ought to continue to be a shining example of democracy, diplomacy, compassion and reason. Instead, what we are seeing is an onslaught of negativity and sour grapes  from the man who happens to be the leader of the free world. Scary huh? I predict there will be a lot of people dressed as Donald Trump for Halloween this year. It’s a pretty easy costume. Half of them might not even get beat up. Who knows?

As the lion roars: Mars will grace Leo in advance of two action-packed new moons, one of them an eclipse!

Leo the Lion will take center stage in a big way! It was once said of MGM, the famed movie studio of yesteryear, that there were so many stars on its roster that Metro had “more stars than there are in heaven.” Well, get ready for a lot of action in the sign of Leo!

Starting July 20, Mars will burst into Leo for the first time in two years. Just three days later, we will be enjoying a new moon in Leo that will usher in new projects and fresh vivacity. New moons serve as a launchpad and a booster rocket. It takes all the energy circulating and makes it accessible to us to harness.

Just one month later, we will be seeing another new moon in Leo that is actually an eclipse. Eclipses are new moons with the oomph of four!

Get ready for your close up! This energy will affect us all differently. For guidance, check out our friends at