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The Great American Total Solar Eclipse – New Moon in Leo

Everyone was looking up in the states today. The great American solar eclipse comes at a tumultuous time in the United States. Its president, Donald Trump, is one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in modern history. We’re seeing racial division and record numbers of homeless people in the big cities of America. More and more people are seeing the “American Dream” slip from the grasp as the gap between the have and the have-nots becomes as big and as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Just what will happen? That all remains to be seen but one thing is for certain. The eclipse humbled is in a way. It was nice to see everyone marvel at the wonder of the eclipse.

May God bless America. We sure need it.

A New Moon always coincides with a Total Solar Eclipse and this one happens to be in the gregarious, magnanimous sign of Leo. Big words for the big cat! Leo is demonstrative, showy, generous and charismatic. We’ll feel this energy as a desire to go out and do something great. Just tread carefully because Mercury is retrograde until September 5th. You’ll see people come back from the past and issues from the past resurface to be resolved.

Full Moon Alert: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will effect every sign differently. For a complete overview, check out our friend Susan Miller on AstrologyZone.

Aquarius is the sign of the collective tribe of living things. Social matters, group dynamics and societal concerns all fall under the realm of Aquarius. You might say that the sign of the water bearer is the ultimate sociology teacher. What can we learn from this full moon? Well, for one thing, that we are all connected to each other. Never has the connectivity been more apparent than it is now. Technology has bridged the gap between nations. Will we continue to use the marvels of collective communication to our advantage or will we use it to exert our will over others? That choice is yours to make. Globally, we’re seeing countries band together in this disdain of Donald Trump, the rogue American president. His rough shod manner and intractability will ultimately lead to his downfall. I wouldn’t be surprised is Trump were no longer president come 2018.

Total Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Leo – 8/21/17

“The Great American Eclipse” is coming on August 21st. It’s called that because its path is across the U.S. It’ll be a time of change and the opening of new doors. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo is sure to be a time of grand gestures and great feats of daring awesomeness.


What could it potentially mean on a global scale? Well, we’re already seeing upheaval in the Unites States. Donald Trump was elected on a wave of growing discontent among the people. His presidency has been rife with controversy from day one. America is more divided now that it ever has been before. Just what will happen? This eclipse will give us clues. Check out this article:

New Moon Alert: Leo Reminds Us to Be Honorable and Dutiful

The Leo New Moon is a good reminder that life is full of challenges. We must challenge ourselves to have self-belief and a strong will. Leo is proud, magnanimous, helpful and caring. Under these stars, we are being challenged to believe in ourselves. We can move mountains if we set our minds to it.

August’s new moon solar eclipse will be in Leo. The theme of courage, action, good deeds and charity is strong. Help people. Being kind and generous will never go out of style. Leo reminds us that no show is complete without a good supporting cast of characters.

Full Moon Alert: Capricorn – There is business at hand!

The wise, industrious goat ushers in this month’s Full Moon in Capricorn. The time for planning is over. Capricorn’s business savvy and blunt, zany sense of humor serve as thrust too get us moving in the right direction of our goals. Sometimes, too much planning and contemplation can stifle good old fashioned action. Doing is often the best teacher.

Capricorn teaches us to be practical, efficient and realistic. We’re challenged to make the best use of our time and to be goal oriented. In today’s fast-paced society, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of purpose or what we want out of life. The Capricorn full moon energy inspires us to take concrete steps toward realizing our goals. It can also help us to define those goals if we’ve lost sight of them. It’s a time of focus and practicality.

New Moon Alert: Cancer – “Feelings get a right to exist”

The new moon in Cancer is a wonderful time to reconnect with yourself and how you feel. Having a good sense of humor, a nice place to lay our heads, good food on the table and friendly banter are all things prized by the sign of the humorous crab. I read something that embodies and describes Cancerian energy beautifully:

Intimacy is a fundamental need and does not have to be suppressed. Forget strategic thinking. Too much thinking diverts you from your true feelings so that in the end you no longer even know what you feel. With the new emphasis on the sign of Cancer, feelings get a right to exist. There is no reason not to show your nice feelings. Even an unpleasant feeling is allowed to arise and will disappear all the more quickly if you do not suppress it. (Credit: Astrodienst)