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LEGENDARY STARGAZERS: Carroll Righter, Evangeline Adams, Linda Goodman, Sydney Omarr, Joan Quigley, Regis Philbin, Walter Mercado, Merv Griffin

Walter Mercado and Merv Griffin are honored with inductions into the SOAHOF


Legendary and flamboyant astrologer Walter Mercado and the late television personality and creator of “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” Merv Griffin, an avid supporter of the stars, have been inducted into the “Sydney Omarr Astrology Hall of Fame”


Walter Mercado is honored with an induction into the Astrology Hall of Fame. Walter has a huge following in Mexico and Latin America.


Merv Griffin has received an honorary induction into the Astrology Hall of Fame. Merv becomes only the second non astrologer to be inducted. He had noted astrologers on his program and he was a strong proponent of the stars.

Regis Philbin inducted into the Sydney Omarr Astrology Hall of Fame



Regis Philbin has received an honorary induction into the Sydney Omarr Astrology Hall of Fame. Regis is the only non-astrologer to be honored with an induction. Philbin is the legendary talk show host who would invite the late, great Sydney Omarr onto his show regularly. Regis demonstrated that he has an open mind when he’d have Sydney on his talk show to feature his astrology. We honor Regis Philbin with an honorary induction into the Astrology Hall of Fame, named for Sydney Omarr.


Reagan astrologer Joan Quigley inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame


Famed astrologer and author Joan Quigley, an Aries, has been inducted into the Sydney Omarr Astrology Hall of Fame, it was announced today by its curator. Quigley is the second noted stargazer born on April 10th. She shares a birthday with fellow astrologer and author Linda Goodman.


Joan Quigley is a noted American astrologer whose interest in astrology began when she was 15. She became the most controversial figure in America as Nancy Reagan’s personal astrologer from the early 1970s, which became public when Donald Regan’s book came out in 1988. “For The Record” revealed for the first time that the Reagans had a chief astrological advisor. The story broke in Time magazine 5/16/1988, where she was called “conservative, very private and a little wacky.” She was introduced to Nancy Reagan by TV talk show host Merv Griffin in the early 1970s and began to work as Mrs. Reagan’s in-house-astrologer in 1973. Griffin had Sydney Omarr and John Quigley on as frequent guests of his show. Griffin, a sensitive Cancerian, was particularly amused by the stargazers that he’d invite to appear on his program. You almost never see astrologers invited to any TV shows anymore, save for when a new year is dawning and the morning shows prod an astrologer to give their prognostications for the coming year.

A San Francisco heiress, Joan and her sister were the daughters of John B. Quigley, a hotelier. They grew up in the social milieu, living their lives in penthouse suites. Though both girls were noted for their beauty, neither married. Quigley began an active study of astrology after her graduation from Vassar. She wrote for Seventeen magazine and authored three books, including “Astrology for Teens” and “Astrology for Adults.” She made regular radio and TV appearances.

In 1995 she got her first computer, continuing her research and study on volumes of charts that she had formerly done by hand. Quigley sought to channel her talents and notoriety into a dot-com business in late 2001. Her service to the Reagans cements her place in history as a former presidential advisor.

Astrology Hall of Fame named in honor of Sydney Omarr


The Astrology Hall of Fame has been rechristened the Sydney Omarr Astrology Hall of Fame, in honor of the famed late astrologer and author on the 85th anniversary of his birth. Omarr popularized modern astrology with his newspaper column, his annual set of paperback books and a daily radio segment. Dennis Daily, the audio engineer for, is Omarr’s former radio editor. Recalls Daily, “Sydney had a gruff, gravelly east coast accent and he’d start his feature with ‘This is Sydney Omarr…,’ his audio would often run longer than the minute and a half of air time he was given. It was up to me to edit it, so I’d often leave out Pisces. Considering I’m a Pisces and we’re used to making sacrifices, I thought it made sense.”  

Sydney Omarr is a legend and the authority on astrology, even after death. We are most grateful for his contributions and for his timeless work. Sydney Omarr is not only inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame but it is now also named for him. Regis Philbin was a friend and a fan of Sydney’s. Check out the “Regis & Sydney” feature on honors the legendary Linda Goodman, an Aries, with posthumous induction into the Astrology Hall of Fame


Gee, golly, Google? It’s Goobers! Today, April 10th, is the 86th anniversary of the birth of a remarkable woman who helped change people’s perception of astrology forever. She humanized and popularized sun sign astrology in a way that brought it to the masses and spoke to you directly and without pretense.

Linda Goodman wrote Sun Signs and Love Signs back in the 1960’s and she without question single-handedly rewrote the book on what people think and feel about the ancient art of peering up at the stars. I, personally have taken a great amount of joy from reading Linda’s timeless books. If you haven’t read them already, I’d suggest picking up a copy of Sun Signs, Love Signs and Goobers. Chances are, someone in your family already has Love Signs laying around. A few people I’ve mentioned the book to often say something to the effect of, “Oh, yeah, my mom had it.” or “Sure, I’ve read it and think it’s amazingly accurate!” posthumously inducts Linda Goodman into the Astrology Hall of Fame for her compassionate service to others by enriching lives, breeding tolerance and for enabling people to better understand themselves and others so that we all can live life as part of nature and at one with each other. Linda, you are a beacon of constant light and a champion for the twinkling stars that you call home.

Evangeline Adams inducted into the Astrology Hall of Fame


Related to two U.S. presidents, Evangeline Adams capitalized on an upscale image to serve such clients as J.P. Morgan, Charles Schwab, Tallulah Bankhead and Joseph Campbell. Risking her reputation, she fought bogus charges brought against her for fortune telling and convinced the presiding judge in the case that she had sufficiently raised astrology to be a bonafide science and art form. She did it in the most compelling of ways, too. Check out this video clip from A&E’s special “Secrets in the Stars,” narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

Perhaps not one single person in history has done more to raise awareness about astrology than has this legendary woman. It is our distinct honor today, on the 143rd anniversary of her birth, to posthumously induct Evangeline Adams into the Astrology Hall of Fame. Every person who has ever attempted to write a horoscope or interpret a chart owes their practice to Adams, a historic figure of enormous statue and incredible resolve.

“The Gregarious Aquarius” Carroll Righter


In a new series we call the “Astrology Hall of Fame,” we’ll be honoring and highlighting the outstanding achievements and lasting contributions of some of the most well-known and highly regarded people ever to take up the practice of astrology. Some fell into it on accident while others had peered up at the stars with wonder and awe since they were tiny tots.

Each legend we profile — from Evangeline Adams, Linda Goodman, Sydney Omarr and Carroll Righter, has made an indelible mark on astrology and the world in which we live. They have risked their reputations and, in some cases, even their freedom, to defend the validity of the sacred science and timeless art that they enjoyed so much. I think what they liked about it was how they were able to help people understand themselves and make sense of the events that were taking place in their lives. I can honestly say that astrology saved my life and helped me understand myself.

Today, on the 111th anniversary of his birth, we are proud to introduce our very first inductee into the Astrology Hall of Fame. He’s a man who was known simply as “The Gregarious Aquarius” for his friendly charm, for his loquaciousness and for his penchant for guessing other people’s sun signs; he’s none other than Carroll Righter. Carroll wrote the daily astrological forecast for the Los Angeles Times and dozens of other newspapers. One interesting thing about his column is that he listed “Moon Children” instead of “Cancer” in his daily horoscopes. I like that! I recently microfiched his astrological forecast for the day I was born and I was quite amused by what I read. =) Click on Righter’s picture above for his bio.