Happy Birthday roll call: Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg, Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Keith Richards

A handful of famous Sagittarians celebrate a birthday today, December 18th. We send Happy Hallmark Birthday Greetings to…

Brad Pitt

The actor exhibits Sagittarian charm, savoir faire and exuberant optimism. He shines as a leading man and has displayed his mutable nature in roles that require tremendous flexibility and projection of myriad emotion. His personal life has been a roller coaster that led him into the arms of two women of the air element, complementary to his fiery Sagittarius sun: first with Aquarius Jennifer Aniston and now with Gemini Angelina Jolie. Angelina and Brad each represent each other’s 7th house of partnership. With a series of eclipses due in their signs for the next two years, you can expect their marriage and relationship to grow and evolve and ultimately change.

Steven Spielberg

The legendary director is a movie-making machine and his Sagittarian wanderlust has led him in many directions as a film maker. From ET “phone home” to great big dinosaurs in Jurassic Park to a split-personality woman on television named Tara, Steven Spielberg has done it all.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes won our hearts when she starred in the long-running teenage drama Dawson’s Creek. Along with her Cancerian hubby Cruise, she is a practicing Scientologist. Her Sagittarian need to satisfy a philosophical bent is probably what helped her keep an open mind when she converted to Scientology.

Christina Aguilera

Christina has been performing since she was a tiny tot on Star Search and she burst on the scene with the smash hit “Genie in a Bottle” back in 1999. Since then, she has won every major accolade, sold millions of record albums, given birth, gone through a failed marriage and starred opposite the legendary songstress Cher in a feature film. There’s no stopping real talent and Christina’s got it in spades!

Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones rocker sure knows how to party! Keith Richards has been jamming it up as guitarist for one of the most popular bands on the planet and he has done so in trademark fashion. Sex, drugs and rock-and-roll are the name of his game and he’s lived it up in true rockstar style!

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