Boom, boom, boom, even brighter than the (eclipsed) moon, moon, moon!!

There will be fireworks in the sky and it comes three days before Independence Day in America. We’re talking about the ominous new moon solar eclipse occurring July 1st that will release a torrent of cardinal-powered energy. What this means is that we are urged to act, act, act and to think about it later. In other words, we have to think on our feet and expect the unexpected. If people are a little sensitive, walk on egg shells. Don’t do anything hasty or to burn bridges, for Crissakes. Bite your tongue!! We’ll all come out of it shining brighter and better for the universe will seek to advance what is viable and replace what is not. No worries, as the universe always looks out for our best interests: like the luminaries in the sky, we, too, are in constant motion, never still. Cardinal energy is the “Just Do It already, damnit” influence of the Nike generation. Swoosh!

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