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Full Blue Moon in Libra: Fairness, Equality and Justice for All

The Full Moon in Libra will come at an interesting time. It’ll come opposed to the Sun and Mercury in Aries as well as Uranus. Saturn and Mars in Capricorn will make things rather serious and the Full Moon is a Blue Moon, meaning it’s the second full moon of March. There were no full moons in February 2018 so we’re making up for it this month with 2. Watch for rash actions and don’t move too quickly. Mercury is still retrograde until April 15th in Aries so perhaps a matter surrounding a partner is unclear or will take some time to sort out. That’s fine, give it time, have patience and always strive to be fair and to have only fair relationships, no lop-sided affairs. Each relationship is a delicate balance of give and take. The Libra Full Moon will accentuate this fact. We need others to succeed. No one makes it entirely on his or her own. Success is a team sport and it’s important to play fair.

Have a Happy Day Prods. puts its stamp on SunSigns TV

SunSigns TV is now stamped with the likeness of Have a Happy Day Productions, a unit of Memo Entertainment.

SunSigns Media Group partnered with Have a Happy Day Prods. back in 2015 to create SunSigns TV from what was then called “SunShign.”

The new and improved SunSigns TV logo incorporates the same font style as Have a Happy Day Productions. It’s designed to show that Have a Happy Day Productions produces SunSigns TV content and Solstice Digital, of SunSigns Media Group, maintains its web presence.

Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo is a time of intense scrutiny and perfection. Everything will be put under the microscope and cleaned with a fine tooth comb. Virgo is a perfectionist and a taskmaster who knows how to efficiently use time, energy, resources and helpfulness to get the job done. We will all gain from doing things with care and precision. Virgo would have it no other way!

Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse

The second full moon this month makes it a blue moon. The fact that is occurs at a Lunar Eclipse makes it a blood moon because of the orange tinge since only the color red can seep through the Earth’s atmosphere. The moon on the night of Jan. 31 is, by a combination of low probabilities, exceedingly rare. Visible supermoons appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than full moons that occur at the farthest point in the moon’s orbit.

The fact that this lunar phenomenon occurs in the sign of Leo makes it very clear that this moon will be a show stopper and will command attention all over the world. The moon says, “I’m ready for me close up, Mr. DeMille.”