Astrology Saved My Life! How to do a self-reading – “The Cosmic Instant Messenger” Mercury winks at the Messenger satellite

It’s no secret. I often tell people how astrology saved my life. I’ve always been a sensitive, perceptive person and that has enabled me to relate to and empathize with others but I could never understand myself. I never got why I’d often be my harshest critic and my own worst enemy, quick to stand in my own way for the sake of change and adventure and tripping myself up in the process. I think many of us feel that way. Don’t get me wrong, I saw and appreciated good traits in me, too but I wanted to understand this battle that we all have with self. Sun Tzu once said, “Know Thy Enemy and Know Thyself and a Thousand Victories will be yours.”  What happens if the enemy is within?  In that case, we can often be our own worst enemies. Ourselves.

When I first saw my natal chart it made little sense to me. It just looked like a bunch of colorful lines strewn about a map of the sky and I noticed how mines had lines all over the place, in the shape of a starburst. Some of the things sounded familiar until I started to get more familiar with it. I then started to delve. I’ll tell you what most astrologers won’t tell you: how to give yourself a reading. Here it goes: Go to and enter your birth data. Then click on “Personal Portrait” where you’ll see a bunch of things starting with your SunShign and your moon sign, ascendent and pertinent planetary placements listed. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to check out the transits in your chart (i.e. Sun Trine Uranus, which is in my chart, hence my astrology kick and uber-original thinking. LOL!) and highlight one by one. After you highlight the first, go to Google and enter the transit to search what it means. Voila! You’ll discover that you’re like an abstract painting: somewhat contradictory in nature but vivid in color. If you’d like a more in-depth reading, get in touch with us at — We’ll talk with you over the phone or via Skype to discuss not only your chart but world affairs and what is going on in society today. We’ll trip you out!!!


During its retrograde phase, “The Cosmic Instant Messenger” Mercury is blowing kisses and winking at the Mercury satellite. The smallest planet in the solar system keeps serving up big surprises. Scientists working on the Messenger mission to Mercury have found that the planet has unexpected inner layers and craters with tilted bottoms, and it may have been geologically active far later into its life than previously imagined.

In the first of two studies released Wednesday by the journal Science, a team led by MIT geophysicist Maria Zuber scanned the surface of Mercury’s northern hemisphere and found the planet’s surface to be unusually flat when compared with the terrain of the moon or Mars.

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