As the lion roars: Mars will grace Leo in advance of two action-packed new moons, one of them an eclipse!

Leo the Lion will take center stage in a big way! It was once said of MGM, the famed movie studio of yesteryear, that there were so many stars on its roster that Metro had “more stars than there are in heaven.” Well, get ready for a lot of action in the sign of Leo!

Starting July 20, Mars will burst into Leo for the first time in two years. Just three days later, we will be enjoying a new moon in Leo that will usher in new projects and fresh vivacity. New moons serve as a launchpad and a booster rocket. It takes all the energy circulating and makes it accessible to us to harness.

Just one month later, we will be seeing another new moon in Leo that is actually an eclipse. Eclipses are new moons with the oomph of four!

Get ready for your close up! This energy will affect us all differently. For guidance, check out our friends at

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