“This is CNN” – The man who could help save the Cable News Network

In its never-ending battle with the right-wing bullhorn known as Fox News, the folks at CNN are getting ready to test the waters with a new primetime lineup sans Larry King and a new programming chief. Their coverage has taken a bit of a centrist approach in recent years and I wonder if we can expect that to change.

One thing, in our humble opinion (and mind you I’ve previously worked for Nielsen, the US TV ratings people) that would make a world of difference is if they asked Mr. Darth Vader himself — James Earl Jones — to do some new promos, bumpers and IDs for them.

Think about it, Jones voiced Mufasa in the wildly popular Disney smash hit “The Lion King” and he will forever be immortialized as Vader in the Star Wars saga. His commanding voice will add a layer of “hey, look, we’re quality, they’re crap” when you compare CNN to the other two newsie nets.

Come on, CNN, bring back the stately-sounding Capricorn James Earl Jones to give us another, “This is CNN … perhaps still the most trusted name in news”

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